Photo dump

I successfully took white gurl selfies

Cosplaying Ava’s Demon day 0 of Kcon


I was Kyoko for today! 


SPOTLIGHT ON: Mr. Anthony Misiano’s Joker cosplays. Harley’s Joker and Joker’s Harley, they call themselves, and their eye for imitation is uncanny. Lovely job

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francis would absolutely be that embarrassing parent who kisses his kids on the forehead and tries to hug them and alfred would be like “dAAAAd I’m 19” and he would be like “but you’re still my little baby!!!” “DAAAAAAADDD”

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"If I was gay…" and "I’m not gay but…." by Zachary Colin Rance

no homo level 1,000


my brain: there is literaly a 0 percent chance the fictional shit from creepy games will show up irl in your kitchen

me: but its dark and scary

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you know an anime means business when nobody has blue hair


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Wahgthefuck I was thinking about Harry potter and just has this moment of Harry going up to Remus and being all like ‘look sensei-’ and what the fuck is wrong with me they live in England I’m going to cry. IM SucH WEEABO TRASH